A few days ago I wrote about how to measure success in a B2C company.

There’s a reason I wrote that post first. It’s a lot easier.

Measuring success in B2B is difficult as the people using your product are often multiple degrees of separation from the people paying for…

It’s hard to set success metrics in B2B.

As a Product Manager, I’ve had my fair share of well-meaning attempts.

I’ve measured subjective signals which I’ve struggled to tie back to the business’s financial goals. Product metrics often left more questions than answers.

Through trial and (a lot of) error…

Building ecommerce software is like “throwing shit against a wall and seeing what sticks.”

But if you’re not measuring what you’re building, you’re effectively throwing with a blindfold on. You can’t tell which ideas stuck and which have slid unceremoniously to the floor. You can’t adjust your aim or improve…

Jack McDonald

Senior Product Manager — Culture Amp

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